Monday, September 20, 2010

Kita Membaca Karena Lupa

Mengapa kita membaca sebuah buku? Bahkan berkali-kali membaca buku yang sama? Menurut pengalaman James Collins, itu terjadi karena kita lupa. Demikian pendapatnya dalam esai "The Plot Escapes Me" di The New York Times, 17 September 17 2010:

One answer is that we read for the aesthetic and literary pleasure we experience while reading. The pleasure — or intended pleasure — of novels is obvious, but it is no less true that we read nonfiction for the immediate satisfaction it provides. The acquisition of knowledge, while you are acquiring it, can be intensely engrossing and stimulating, and a well-constructed argument is a beautiful thing. But that kind of pleasure is transient. When we read a serious book, we want to learn something, we want it to change us, and it hardly seems possible for that to happen if its fugitive content passes through us like light through glass.


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