Saturday, June 21, 2008

Final Battle in Bangkok?

Malaysian media, The Star, wrote:

Thais grown weary of the ongoing saga between the pro and anti-Thaksin camps are hoping that yesterday's mass protest will be the final chapter to this drama that has gripped the nation since early 2005.

Samak faces this pressure because of some accusations from DAP. Among them are that Samak administration's mishandling of soaring global oil prices and rising inflation and that he was acting as a proxy for Thaksin.

I dont know why they just put all these burden to Samak. We know that all countries in the world faces the same problem releted to soaring global oil price. How to handle it depends on all pillars of the country, not just the executive.

For second accusation, maybe they are right. But, we must see what treatment government give to Thaksin in court.

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